Activities in and around the Hearst area

Summer and Fall

ATVs are very popular up in Northern Ontario during the Summer and Fall seasons. Groomed trails used in the winter for snowmobilers offer a wide variety of riding conditions for fourwheeler enthousiasts during the rest of the year. The Companion has welcomed two different fourwheeler groups in 2004. One group arrived from Dubreuilville, Ontario and the other came from The Bristol Motel in Wawa, Ontario. As you can see, the trips proved challenging but very enjoyable.

The riders from Wawa...
The riders from Dubreuilville...

Snowmobile season

At the Companion, we sell Ontario Federation of Snowmobile Clubs (OFSC) trail permits.

Resources :

  • The OFSC Trail Permits Prices and Types page.
  • The OFSC Trail Conditions page.
  • The Northern Corridor Snowmobile Association - District 15.
  • The Weather Network - Current weather conditions.

For the snowmobile enthusiast we have direct access to 1000 km of snowmobile trails. The following map shows the groomed trails in the surrounding area (outlined in red).

Groomed trails in the Hearst area

We offer overnight secure storage for our guests snowmobiles. Your sled is locked up in our heated garage.

Store your sled overnight in our heated facilities

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